Induction Cooker Advantage and Disadvantage and Health benefits

Written By sonie on Wednesday, 16 July 2014 | 02:55

Induction Cooker are now a days very common kitchen utensils.

some of the major pros and cons of  using induction cooker is as follows :

1) You can save lot of time in cooking. its very fast to work as compered to the other cooking devices like gas stove etc

2) Its very safe to use because there is no worry about the flame and burning effect with it.

3) Its price are very low as compared  to daily consumption of the gas.

Image of induction cooker

Second Image of Induction Cooker

4) Its one time investment, if you use it very carefully and safely then it will give long term use.

5) Its installation is very easy

6) Its use is also very use, it can operate only in three step

(i)   Just on the induction cooker by inserting its plug in the socket.

(ii) Put any type of the flat utensils on it

(iii) Just switch on the type of temperature you want for the cooking like, dosa/chapatti, deep fry,     idli etc. Its timer can also be preset.

7) It doesn't create any kind of sound

8) With the induction cooking magnetic filed is applied, it will heat only the utensil that is on the top of it and rest of the area of the plate is remain cool.

9) Its very easy  to cool it.

10) One plate of the induction cooker, price may vary between 1500 to 2000.

Some very noted dangers associated with the use of the induction cooker are 

1) It radiates electromagnetic radiation, that can be harmful during the pregnancy, but those radiation are very very low frequency.

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