Top 11 Tips for Winter Skin Care

Written By sonie on Saturday, 29 July 2017 | 01:36

Winter is coming, everybody is keen to protect their skin. In this article i will give you some tips is very useful for the safety of your skin health

Note some top precautions for the care of skin

1) for treatment of extra dry skin use lotion and Salicylic acid.

2) wash your skin with the help of soap and use water to wash our skin. water  is the best source for cleaning skin.

3) use cotton to clean skin.

4) Use honey to moisture your skin. it is very good source of the vitamins. with honey and sugar mixture cleaning of skin become very radiant.

5) Drink milk when you feel to drink it. because it is very good source of lactic.

6) Use olive oil to clean skin.

7) Use bath soap that are not very hard.

8) Avoid direct sunlight

9) Avoid direct sunlight to your hair also..

10) Use pumice stone to clean  your hair.

11) Use cotton cloth as much as possible.

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Herbert Arnold said...

very informative article

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