Top 5 Tips for Women’s Joint Pain Relief

Written By sonie on Tuesday, 22 August 2017 | 22:37

Top 5 Tips for Women’s Joint Pain Relief

Joint pain, which is very common in women’s now. Most of the women are through that it is the symptoms of arthritis; but it is half true.
Some other women’s also through that it is due to menopausal; but it is also half true.
I suggest first check it by doctors then think about the next through.
First consult your doctors for arthritis if it is ruled out then follow some instruction given below you will surely get benefited but this

·        Visit physical therapist first

·        Do experiment with vitamins

· Took daily combination of vitamin E, Cod liver Oil and Vitamin B6.

Vitamin rich Food contents that contain all these vitamins:

Vitamin E rich food are Nuts, almond, filberts, peanuts, peacom, sweet potatoes.


Some vitamins Vitamin B6 food are urkey, Meat only, roasted, Banana, Marinara (spaghetti) sauce, ready to serve, Ground beef, patty, lean, broiled,Waffles, plain, ready to heat, toasted, 1 waffle Bulgur, cooked,Cottage cheese, low-fat, Squash, winter, 

baked, Rice, white, long-grain, enriched, cooked, Nuts, mixed, dry-roasted, Raisins, seedless, Onions, chopped, Spinach, frozen, chopped, boiled Tofu, raw, firm.

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