Fit Body is the Key for Fit Brain

All kind of exercise modules like Aerobic exercise can solve your riddle of fit mind. Every person have mind but upto what level is it fit. 

  It depends on there blood flow system. The core concept behind this line“Fit Body have fit Mind ” is the flow of blood. If you are more active then your blood flow is more active. So the key behind fit mind is depends on fit body.

    As it well known that brain is the biggest energy guzzler. It needs 20 percent  of the oxygen and nutrients which is provided by our body arteries.

   Level of flow in the mind will decide your long life activeness of the mind. It keeps our mind active and helps to prevents various diseases related to the mind like memory loss, dementia, etc.

Various Working Power of the Brain 

   Each exercise will affect the development of the mind’s part like neuron, ” a very small unit in the mind that play key role for brain function”. Fit mind can have long term memory. Due to dull routines generally blood vessels that carry blood into the brain get blocked and sometimes with more complex situation get burst.

 Sometimes due to unfit body chances of various diseases like brain tumours, memory loss, judgement loss can frequently occur.  In fit body, fit mental health is present. So plan some exercise routine and  keep always active to get fit brain. 

some short of exercise that you can include in your routine