Top Six Simple Solution to Stop Hair Fall

Written By sonie on Tuesday, 17 September 2013 | 00:53

Very common reasons for the hair fall : ( Just Avoid them to stop hair fall )

Most of the common reason for the hair fall are as follows,

Improper portion of the nutrition contents

Age may be the one of the factor,

specially in the women hormonal changes may be the big cause for the hair fall,

Daily routines stress, tension and our daily routines.

Some time due to careless attitude towards the hair care by which some hair problems may arises like  split ends, unhealthy hair, thin hair, some of the more causes of the hair fall may be the heredity problem. Along with these reasons some more reasons may also involve prolonged illness and medication like steroids. 

In this post i am trying to just brief the 5 simple solutions to reduce or to stop the hair fall are

1) just take care of the hair when they are wet. Just do very gentle behave with them like, avoid combing in wet hair.

2) Use thick comb for making them aline. if your are using helmet then use some cover for covering your hair and them wear helmet.

3) Do proper oiling in the hair when you are planning for hair wash. before the hair wash use oil and keep it for more than three hours if possible.

4) Use Maithe Dana with your hair oil, or just simply heat it for few seconds then apply it only on your hair root with the help of tips of your finger gently and then after some time wash it. ado ut for more then three times a week to see good results.

5) Kindly avoid to change your shampoo or conditioner frequently. Because your hair like you becomes habitual for the same kind of the product.

6) Avoid long time direct sunlight in your hair and try to tight them when you are going to sleep.

these 6 tips can stop your hair fall!!! use them.

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Unknown said...

Medical conditions such as diabetes or thyroid problems might cause hair loss. People experiencing hair loss should consult their doctor for an accurate diagnosis of what is causing them to lose hair. Treating the medical condition usually cures hair loss problems. In any case, you can always use herbal hair oil and Shampoo are really good for the hair health.
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Unknown said...

Nice posting about Top Six Simple Solution to Stop Hair Fall...............

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