Benefits of Eating Broccoli Sprouts and Drinking Herbal Teas

Health benefits of eating Broccoli Sprouts and Herbal Teas

Can you define health food in one line. Yes i can define health food are those food that give nutrition to human body in all aspects. OR Food that is not Junk food is the health food. Food can be divided into various category like Natural Food, Organic Food, Whole Food and Dietary Food Items.

lets talk about the benefits of eating Broccoli Sprouts and drinking  Herbal Teas

1) Broccoli  Sprouts :  Broccoli is the member of the Cabbage Family. its head portion is generally used for eating as vegetables.  Broccoli is an Italian words made from the plural of broccolo. It consists Calories , if you want to know its more then it contains good amount of the  fat,Saturated fat,,Sodium, Potassium, Carbohydrate, Dietary fiber, Sugar,Protein,Vitamin A,Vitamin C,Calcium,Iron,Vitamin B-6, Magnesium.

2) Herbal Teas : It is non Caffeniated. Main extracts are the herbs. These drinks are more costly as compared to the normally used drinks like coffe, Tea , black tea. Herbal Tea is full with nutrition value like it is good example of antioxidant. but sometimes there are some disadvantage of the herbal tea like it shouls not consume by pregrant lady , it can cause miscarriage, because of its creating contents.

herbal tea in the market comes with different varities, some varities are Citrus peel,  Dandelion coffee, Dill tea, Echinacea tea, Elderberry,European Mistletoe Essiac tea, Fennel,Gentian,Ginger root, Ginseng, Goji, Hawthorn, Hibiscus Horehound, Houttuynia, Hydrangea tea, Kapor tea, Kava root, Kratom Kuzuyu, Labrador tea, Lapacho, Lemon Balm ,Lemon,Ginger tea, Lemon grass, Luo han guo and many more


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