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Do you wanna know about the overweight and obese.So ready for that tour where you will get exact 

information about the overweight and obese body stages. Firstly both the term is used in terms of body fat. both will indicate the extra storage of the calories in the body, when the body consume good amount but not burn that much of amount of the calories then that calories will store in the body in the form of the fat. and it will get deposits in the form of the layers under your skin. 
     you will be called as overweight when you cross the limit of the your "Ideal Body Weight". Now the question is that what should be the ideal body weight  and what should be the limit that should not be cross check it in this post 

    Extension or the advance step of the overweight is called obesity, it can lead to the dangerous diseases symptoms. It can lead you towards other diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, digestive problem, sleeping disorder, mainly backache and many other problem ...list is long. 

    One of the formula is used to calculate that whether you are overweight or obese, this formula is called BMI formula or "BODY MASS INDEX". So let me explain it with the help of the formula and example, So BMI calculation formula is given by following 

BMI= W / H


W= weight of the person (measure in terms of the KG(Kilo Gram) 


H= height of the person( measure in the terms of the ( FEET and Inches) or convert this into metres

Example:  if weight = 52 KG  and H= 5 feet 3 inches then according to the formula your BMI will be approximately 20. 

Now, how to check whether you are underweight, normal, overweight, pre-obesity and obese stage of the body 

1 ) condition for underweight

when BMI<18 ( less then 18) 

2) condition for normal weight 

when BMI is between 18 to 25 

3) condition for overweight and pre-obesity stage  

when BMI is between 25 to 30 

4) condition for Obesity 

when BMI is more than 30 

So just check your BMI for getting known in which stage your body fall (underweight, normal, overweight, pre-obesity and obese).

Dear reader if it falls in the category of the 3 and 4 then it is the RED alarms from your body; just do serious something like exercise, controlled eating and many more so be stay with the site I will post so many ways by which you can again fall in the category of 1 and 2 of the BMI calculator...


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