Dry Skin Care,Treatment and Remedies

Dry sin is the stage of the skin when it gets dry, rough, crack  and flaky, in this stage of the skin it also includes itching problem.

After reading this article, you will be able to understand very simple and easy tips how you can cure, treat and get remedies of the dry skin.

  1. First don't use soap that includes so much soda and lemon contents, use soap that are full with the moisture milk and soft contents. 
  2. Use sunscreen lotion and cream when you are going outside this will save skin from UV and dryness. 
  3. Don't bath with the very warm water, use lukewarm water for bathing
  4. Use soft towel for drying your skin, don't rub to dry your skin 
  5. Use good skin lotions after bath and before going to the sleep. 
  6. Don't rub the skin for cleaning it, use soft pubic stone and accessories for its cleaning. 
  7.  Drink as much as water as you can, this will do multiple benefits in your body, first it will cure from dry skin, improve your digestion process and keep you slim and fit.This also prevent from acne. 
  8. Use alo-vera and olive oil in the skin.
  9. Sometimes some food and habits make s your skin allergic, so find them and avoid them to cure dryness. 


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