Pregnancy Tips

Hmm... That memorable moment is came for which every women waits. Now you also involve in such a wonderful journey created by God, that only can feel by you, yes you.

God gives us that important and wonderful opportunity to create living and  small lovable gods xerox inside our womb.

Being pregnant is very amazing and uniques. A journey of approx 9 month where you will learn new things and will feel wonderful movements and moments. Yes definetly this journey demands care with feeling of curiosity, happiness, small research with so many small question.

This require support in every step of your partner, now you going to become more emotional than rational. Your family support matters a lot, it may be your mother, sister, grand ma anyone.

You have be very carefull about some important things that i will discuss one by one in various post.
1) eating habits
2) drinking habits
3) thinking habits
4) walking habits
5) reading habits
6)bathing habits
7) social habits
And many more habits of your daily lifestyle.