Yoga Pose For Removing Neck Area Extra Fat

If you have extra or loose skin on your neck then some yoga asanas will be very beneficial to get relief from this problem.

In this article I will discuss some proven yoga poses for reducing neck extra fat.
Below discuss yoga poses specially target on the neck area.
It will hardly take 15 min to give you a wonderful look.

There are three asana
  1. Brahma mudra
  2. Ustrasana
  3. Niralambasana 
For doing Brahma mudra first sit in padmasana in dhyana mudra. 

Then turn your neck towards the left and right side.

 Repeat it.

You can its image then do it carefully, move your head portion very slowly.

For doing ustrasana first sit in vajrasana position the slowly stand on the knee, with shoulder apart. Then turn the upper body to the right side.