Quick POHA Recipe

it is one of the most famous recipe in the world,everyone like it so much 


Preparation time: 15 min
Cook time :15 min
Total time :30 min
Servings : 3 plates

This recipe mainly used in breakfast and snacks

Ingredients used

Poha(red or white beaten rice or flattened rice) = 1.5 Cup 

Onion= 1 large ( finely chopped)

Potato=1 large ( finely chopped in small thin slice)

Green chilli =1 only finely chopped 

1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder ( haldi)

Sauf 1/4 teaspoon

1 teaspoon rai (mustered seed)

2.5 tablespoon peanuts(moongphali dana)

10 curry leaves( kadi patta) 1 tablespoon oil or according to  your judgement

Hara dhaniya needed at the end finely chopped for garnish
salt as you need

How top prepare in 4 step

Step 1: Rinse the poha one or two time quickly in water so that it get soft, add sugar, salt,turmeric powder( very less amount),and gently mix the poha with them

Step 2: Keep pan ready,add oil in it, roast peanuts, when it become light pink then slow the flame add sauf, rai , oinion, curry leave, potato,green chilli, and fry all of them so that they become cook

Step 3: Add poha that is already soft now in first step ,pour it in the pan and mix well,slow down the flame then fry it gently then taste it if u need salt then add some the add chopped hari dhaniya and cover it for 2 min,

Step4: Now your delicious poha is ready for eating. serve it in small plates, add lemon juice very small amount, bhujiya poha sev then eat it.


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