The Top 9 High Fat Vegetarian Food

Every one want get fit and slim. But most of them know about non- Vegetarian food makes them healthy. It is very helpful data for those who want to weight loss during their Job and Working hours.  But it is not true. In this article you will get to know about vegetarian food that is making you healthy.

You have heard about high calories food contents I junk food, but do you know that rich foodstuff fat vegetarian. 

 1]   Food Stuff:  Almond 

      Fat contents: 58.9
2]   Food Stuff:  CashewNut

      Fat contents: 45.9

3]  Food Stuff:  Coconut

      Fat contents:41.6

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4]  Food Stuff: Gingelly

      Fat contents:43.3

5]  Food Stuff:  Ground Nut

      Fat contents:39.8

6]  Food Stuff:  Mustard Seed

      Fat contents: 39.7

7] Food Stuff:  Pistachio Nut
     Fat contents: 53.5

8] Food Stuff:  Walnut

      Fat contents: 64.5

9] Food Stuff:  Fenugreek Seeds

     Fat contents: 55.8

so, be careful when you are in the journey of Weight Loss, and avoid these food items, yes contact to your doctors also.


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