Viral Fever Symptoms, Prevention and home Remedies

Viral Fever Symptoms Prevention and Home Remedies 

Causes of Viral Fever

It is due to the virus present in airborne. 

The main cause is the air in which we breathe. 

It may sometimes occur with water. 

Other causes of this fever are sinus infections, viral gastroenteritis, mono (kissing disease), Seasonal influenza (the flu).

Symptoms of Viral Fever 

Major symptoms of viral fever are

Muscle aches

Severe joint pain

Cough and cold

Sometimes headache



Prevention of Viral Fever  

Antibiotics and antiviral drugs are good to keep away from your viral fever. 

Home Remedies of Viral Fever 

The first thing that you can do is to do lots of rest. 

The second thing that you must do is to eat that food and fruits that consist of lots of fluids. 

another way to summarize this thing is to just take a lot amount of fluid to control dehydration. 

Focus on your breakfast. 

eat as much as you can account for your body signal. 

Do not do those things that will raise your fatigue like climbing stairs, use the lift in this case, do lightweight exercises so that you save your energy level, and ready for the day to day challenge.

Don't use alcohol or other drugs. 

Take a good amount of sunlight to increase the immunity of your body. 

reduce intake of coffee and tea and replace it with green tea and milk.

It will give you strength. Last things just take a good amount of sleep as much as you can. during sleeping your body will work for your comfort level. 

Do those things that will give you happiness and cut down your fatigue. 

How Long Does A Viral Fever Last

it may take a maximum of 10 days and a minimum of 3 to 4 days for completing its total cycle. 


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